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[IP] problem with minimed billing

I have been having a horrible past weeks with minimed. I placed my order as 
usual a few weeks ago. About a week after I placed my order I received my 
usual phone to confirm shipment. Everything was going OK until the rep told 
me I have a CO-payment of $200.00 and a past due figure of over $2000.00. 
Every other order I have placed I have never been told of a balance, nor have 
I been told I had a copayment.
The original insurance company I had covered all my pump and insulin supplies 
in full. When we changed companies 2 years ago, I asked when they confirmed 
my order if it was fully covered and I was told it was. Now, they are saying 
it is not. I have been told some of my orders have been quoted as 100% 
coverage and others at 80%. But they  were either paid at 80% or not at all. 
When I asked the rep why I have never received a bill other then my shipping 
statement (which shows no balance due at all either past or present) she said 
MM does not send out bills!! So am I supposed to assume how much I owe if 
any. She said that I should go by the EOB that my insurance company sends me. 
Number one, I have never received an EOB for MM and number two, the ones I 
receive for DR "S visits, etc., say this is not a bill.[ I also do not get 
one for RX) . I was told that I have pay the balance before I can get any 
other shipments (which I cannot do) and to fight with the insurance company 
my self. 
Sorry this is so long, but I am so angry. If anyone has any suggestions or 
has had to deal with this with them before please let me know. Up until this 
time, I have never had a problem with MM, but the last month has been 
Linda W 
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