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Re: [IP] RE: Here we go again


Just hang in there will always be someone who opens their mouth before they
know all the facts. I have found that parents with children who have
diabetes are very good parents. So hang in there and do the good work with
your child.

pumping 5 weeks

> And the fact remains that it turned out to be something with her site and
> she was fine just hours after returning home and changing her site.  There
> was nothing visibly wrong with her site AND her BG was going down with
> BOLUS, it was just returning up when the insulin wore off.  Then early
> evening I noticed blood in the cannula and we changed it immediately.  So
> the next time I want advise and support...... I will go somewhere else
> I will not be criticized for the way I care for MY child.
> Thank you for criticizing me publicly.
> Missi
> A VERY GOOD Mom to Rachel and Blossom
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