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Re: [IP] RE: Here we go again

First of all, We were already OUT at lunch when we discovered the high blood
sugar.  We did a corrective bolus and saw that her BG was coming down.
Second she was NOT out running around, she was sitting still in a movie
theater with her father and sister.  I was at home an hour away.  Next, my
husband had all her supplies with him except that her keytone strips were
not in the bag.  Last time they were used, they were placed back into the
cabinet instead of the bag.  I wish I could say ALWAYS and be perfect, but
the fact is I am not perfect!  I am human!  BUT the fact that I am human
does not mean that I love my child any less than anyone else on this list.

And the fact remains that it turned out to be something with her site and
she was fine just hours after returning home and changing her site.  There
was nothing visibly wrong with her site AND her BG was going down with EVERY
BOLUS, it was just returning up when the insulin wore off.  Then early
evening I noticed blood in the cannula and we changed it immediately.  So
the next time I want advise and support...... I will go somewhere else where
I will not be criticized for the way I care for MY child.

Thank you for criticizing me publicly.

A VERY GOOD Mom to Rachel and Blossom

----- Original Message -----
From: "emily's mom"
........  How can you have a child with a
> sugar of 449 out running around and not check them IMMEDIATELY for ketones
> She should be resting, and pushing fluids.  DKA can start in just a few
> hours!!!!
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