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Re: [IP] daily-basis bolus, as well as once-a-while bolus


  Do you have the PI book?  t explains n detail about the calculations in 
there.  It is all based on your TDD (Total Daily Dose: includes BOTH basal 
and bolus averages)  The general rule of thumb is after you have averaged out 
your total boluses over, let's say a week, and then add that up with your 
total daily basal rates you now have your TDD.  Divide 1800 by your TDD.  
This number is your BG/Insulin ratio which means one unit of insulin will 
drop you so many BG points.  This is used to calculate for HIGH or LOW BGs  
(with LOWs it will be a NEGATIVE number which means that much LESS of insulin 
to include in a meal bolus.

  Now take your same TDD and divide it into 500.  This is your Carb/Insulin 
ratio.  This is the number that says for every, let's say 15 carbs you need 
ONE unit os insulin (EXAMPLE ONLY)  This is what you use to figure out how 
much of a bolus to give for eating.  Combine the TWO caluculations to get the 
total bolus requirement.

Get the PUMPING INSULIN book it is in there. Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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