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[IP] Carb Bolus

Someone was concerned that their carb bolus ratios did not match the Pumping
Insulin book.  Mine don't match either.  Don't worry as long as your ratios
work for you.  When I started pumping I started at 1:15 and now 8 months later
I am at 1:8 for breakfast and noon and 1:10 for evening meal.  The Pumping
Insulin book said I should be at 1:20 according to my TDD, etc for a starting
point.  The book is a 'starting' place and you work from there.  It has taken
me about 4 to 5 months to get my basals set just right.  I can attest that
everyone is "not" like the book as my TDD is now approx. 30 units and my total
daily basal is 5 units.  Therefore those numbers are totally out of "whack"
with the book but it works for me and my last A1C last month was 6.0.  I need
hardly any basal from 10 am until midnight and then get the majority of my
daily basal from 3 am to 9 am; but I need a carb ratio of at least 1:8 (and
many times with an additional corrections 2 hours later after the noon meal)
to bring me back down after meals.
The book will give you a VERY good idea how everything is SUPPOSED to work and
then with the help of your CDE-endo you work from there!
GOOD LUCK!!!  You will feel MUCH better after you get pumping.
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