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[IP] Bonnie & insulin

SNIP>>>>>>> Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 00:22:58 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] insulin in cartridge
> I would like to know about used insulin not to refrigerate? I work at home
> so always store in the refrig then remove a short time before I need it.
>                                      Bonnie
> - ----------------------------------------------------------<<<<<<SNIP

Welcome Bonnie, there are two of us now.   I am Bonnie 
Richardson from Alabama.  Where are you from?  Bonzeye is a 
cool title.
Every one has different experiences with insulin and you have to 
find out what works for you.  

I keep my insulin in the butter disk of the fridge, and when I need a 
new bottle, get it out and it sits on my bathroom counter for about 
a month or so till I need a new bottle.  Sometimes, when I have 
been traveling, I will end up with two or more bottles of insulin and it 
takes several months to use them all up.   I have never had a bottle 
of insulin go bad.  Except the one time I left one in the car a few 
days in Alabama's summer heat.   I even squirt unused insulin from 
my reservoir back into the insulin bottle and re-use it.  However, I 
am not recommending this and my experience may be totally 
different from anyone elses. 

It is curious to me, however, that the insulin manufacturers put 
such long expiration dates on bottle of insulin.   If they are really no 
good after 30 days, why does the expiration date say a year away?

Anyway, welcome Bonnie!
Bonnie Richardson  
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