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[IP] basal comparison survey

In response to Ginger's question:  I was concerned with this too, 
but only after my Endo said that my rates were double any of his 
other patients and he thought I was probably going low and didn't 
know it since my A1c is 5.5, my weight is 155 and I follow a diet 
pretty close to 2000 calories.  My basal rates are 2u (12-3 a.m.); 
2.5u (3 a.m.-7 a.m.); 1.8u (7-midnight).  A number of you pointed 
out that you also have relatively high basal rates, so it's not 
uncommon.  We did the continuous glucose monitor and found that 
I had no lows and actually had unexpected night highs (low 200's) 
even with the already high night basal rate.  Will probably increase 
my basal rates slightly as a result.  I believe it was Sara who told 
me it doesn't matter how much insulin one takes as long as its 
enough!  Another thing we noticed with the continuous monitor was 
if I took the bolus a little earlier, bg's would be a bit more stable.  If 
you are concerned about the basal rates, talk to you endo about 
the continuous monitor - it was very helpful!  The combination T1 
and T2 theory seems to be correct (for me, that is).  

Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman
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