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Re: [IP] too much insulin

In a message dated 7/4/01 5:57:52 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< He takes close to 150 units a day. He is 15, 5'81/2 "   and  ways 210
 now. He has gained a lot of  weight since starting the pump. Although most
 of it is right in his stomach.  >>
Wow...I could have written this.  My son is almost 15 and has gained about 30 
lbs. since going on the pump (one year).  His endo team includes a dietician 
who told him the following diet:
45 grams of carbs at bkft, lunch, and dinner, and 30 grams of carbs at mid 
afternoon snack and evening snack (because he wanted snacks)
   Of course he didn't stick to this plan, but he hasn't put on any more 
weight in the past few months either, which is good.  Some days he will use 
up to 105 units of insulin.  I told him to try to stick to no more than twice 
his basal which is 44 units, thus using up to 88 units of insulin/day.  This 
has kept him from gaining weight, imho.  It's so hard to tell them not to eat 
so much at their age.  I can't stand the gut he's gotten!!
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