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[IP] So Helpful

Thank you to all who responded to my question about what was happening with 
the high reading after using the flavored cream.  There was good information 
for me to read and check on.  There is so much that I didn't know about being 
diabetic before pumping and now a crash course is needed.  Thanks for helping 
in my crash course.  I hope to learn well so that I can help someone else who 
is facing this disease.

Oh yeah, I previously sent a question about feeling when boluses went in and 
several of you made suggestions that I took.  Well, they definitely helped, 
but by CDE said that I am probably Humalog sensitive since I had a "redness" 
problem when injecting and will probably have some awareness of when doses 
are being given.

What are the continuous monitors I keep seeing you refer to?

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