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Re: [IP] Virus/Diabetes Link?

I have no scientific information to give,  just personal experience.  I 
became a Type 1 diabetic almost 6 years ago after a viral infection.  My endo 
told me that in that particular season she had several patients come down 
with this virus and end up as a diabetic as a result.  I think that there 
probably is some predisposition in those of us who this happens to because 
from what I gathered from her each of us has family members who are or were 
diabetic.  The other thing that I hear from my husband is that most patients 
he knows of that have this happen to them become Type 2 which he says makes 
him think the predisposition of family history plays a real part (he commands 
an Army health clinic) and these people would likely become diabetic at some 
time in their life anyway.

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