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Re: [IP] Here we go again....

> In May Rachel ended up in ICU with DKA due to a stomach bug.  Well,
> looks like we are starting again.  She stayed in the 300's last
> night and we got her down to 193 this morning.  Then by lunch she
> was back up to 449.  Don't know aboput keytones as she has been off
> with Dad today, but will check that as soon as she gets home!  For
> those so inclined, please say a word for us.
> Any advise is welcome!!!

This is not advise, just a comment about what we do when illness 
strikes. We've seen insulin requirements rise as much as 50% when a 
bug strikes -- temporary basals for several days usually have taken 
care of the high bg's. We usually raise the basals 0.1 u at a time 
until bg's level out, being very conservative while doing so. Talk to 
your med team, I'm sure they will help out.

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