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Re: [IP] unopened insulin storage

> "All four experts agree that insulin may lose some of its
>  potency after 30 days in an opened vial or pen. They advise
>  using the insulin before the 30-day period expires.
>  Unrefrigerated insulin should definitely be discarded after the
>  30-day period, even if the vials or pens have never been
>  opened."

> I do not think the last sentence is a valid statement. I have been a
> type 1 diabetic for 17 years and have never thrown away a bottle of
> insulin (R, NPH, or HUMULOG) because I have stored it, unopened and
> not regrigerated, for more that 30 days. A cool dry protected place
> where it will not be shaken or disturbed works fine. Am I wrong??

Right, Chris.  This is a CYA, avoid the lawsuits and complaints, not 
completely accurate statement.  There are lots of things that can 
affect insulin, but other than heat and time, I know of nothing else 
that is THAT detrimental.  I see you're just a short timer with this 
diabetes stuff!  ;>)     In my 37 years I've thrown out a vial, maybe 
even two.  

I called Lilly Co. and was surprised at the candor that a rep spoke 
with when I asked about the effects of "exposure to sunlight".  She 
explained that other than the heat, that sunlight will discolor the 
cresol preservative, "and nobody wants to inject a brown insulin".  
And as far as the "ill effects" of a shaken insulin, the problem lies 
in the bubbles you create which when measured for an injection (or 
infusion) only subtracts from what you actually get.  I know on a 
pet DM list I'm subbed to, I can't get people out of the belief that 
they are "breaking" or "separating" the insulin crystals when they 
shake the vial.  LOL, what other "fables" are there about insulin?

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