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Re: [IP] insulin in cartridge

In a message dated 7/3/01 5:36:03 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  so my concern with using a opened pen would be if the insulin was still 
effective >>
Another concern is the needle getting stopped up.  When I first started 
pumping, I had been in the habit of trying to keep a clean needle on my 
humalog pen to minimize doing odd things in public, so to speak <gr.>.  So I 
thought I was fine keeping a pen with a clean needle in my purse after I 
started the pump.  But when I needed it, the needle had been on a few weeks, 
and it was clogged.  Since I was getting a no delivery on my pump, I wanted 
to change out the whole thing in case the problem was with the reservoir.  I 
tried to draw up insulin from the pen cartridge with an MM reservoir needle, 
and ended up with the cartridge stopper flying across the bathroom, along 
with some of the insulin.

Linda Z
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