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[IP] Diabetes Interview - Misleading?

In an article titled "Protecting Your Investment, The Care and Maintenance 
of Your Insulin Pump" (Diabetes Interview, July 2001, Issue 108, Vol. 10, 
No. 7, p. 42.) the author (Suzanne Lambeth) states "The MiniMed 507, 507C 
and 508, Animas R-1000, D-Tron and Dahedi all meet the international 
standard IPX-7 -- for watertight. This means submersion is not a problem." 
The article goes on to talk about "swimming, showering or accidental 
submersion" without distingishing between the pumps. It even goes so far as 
to imply that the Animas and Disetronic products have a special problem in 
terms of  properly sealing the batteries and cartridge.

Either I am badly misinformed or this article is horribly misleading 
concerning the waterproof nature of the MiniMed pumps.
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