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Re: [IP] can this POSSIBLY be right?

> hi all! i would REALLY appreciate your help on this. my two
> endocrinologists are out of the office for this entire holiday week
> so i don't know who to ask. i just got my results back from my a1c.
> i was diagnosed 10 months ago and had an a1c of 13.2. i went to the
> local hospital a week ago and had blood drawn for my second
> a1c-first one after diagnosis and pumping. well, my general
> practictioner just called me with my results which i would REALLY
> like to believe, but just can't believe it's right. they said they
> came back 6.2!!!!! i thought there was a mistake, so i called the
> hospital directly , and asked for the results from my a1c. they said
> 6.2. so what i need to know is, am i just getting a "raw" number? i
> mean, do doctor's have to translate to maniuplate the result from
> the blood work, or is this really the "6.2" of "non-diabetic"

Heh... heh.... it's real! The lab standards vary a bit so a 6.2 in 
one lab could be a little higher or lower in another lab, but NOT as 
big as the difference from your earlier a1c. Congratulations on the 
improvement. AND..... remember to update your stats on the Insulin 
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