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Re: [IP] can this POSSIBLY be right?

When I have had times that I've "fallen off the wagon" as far as my diabetes 
is concerned, my meter average is NEVER a close match to my meter.  The last 
time this happened, my HBA1c was at about 7.8, but my meter log said my 
average was about 220.  I asked my doctor why this was so different, and he 
said it was very likely that my average blood sugar was indeed closer to a 
7.8 range for A1c, but that I wasn't testing enough/at the right times to 
catch this average.  My most recent A1c was 7.1 and my meter log average was 
164, which he said was a good correlation.

The other thing to consider is that if you are just recently diagnosed with 
diabetes, and recently on the pump, your body may be compensating with some 
of its own insulin.  This effect would cause you to have a lower A1c because 
your own insulin would be kicking in/lowering your blood sugar.

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