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Re: [IP] Not FDA

Bonnie wrote:

<<Well, unless the FDA has changed things since my last order in
March, and unless MM's Marketing VP, Mr. Neal, has new
information from the FDA, it is NOT AN FDA issue.   MM already
packages and sells the cannulas separately in the combo pack.   >>

The only sets and tubings I know about that a packaged somewhat separately
are the Tender/Sils/Comforts.  And, I was always told it was because they
were a bit daunting to insert in the beginning so they allowed for wasted
sets.  I've heard that MiniMed does them in packages of 5 sets and 5 sets
w/tubing,  Disetronic does them in 10 sets and 10 sets w/tubing in each box.
I don't know of any of the other sets being sold in any type of combo
package of sets and tubing.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

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