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Re: [IP] can this POSSIBLY be right?

>i called the hospital directly , and asked for the results from my a1c. 
>they said 6.2. so what i need to know is, am i just getting a "raw" 
>number? i mean, do doctor's have to translate to maniuplate the result 
>from the blood work, or is this really the "6.2" of "non-diabetic" levels?

6.2 is a very good, but achievable level. Congratulations.

One thing you do need to ask the labs is the "normal" range of their HbA1c 
Test. Unfortunately, the A1c measurement in not well standardized (there 
are at least 13 different test procedures from different manufactures) and 
all the different test have different "normal" ranges. There is some very 
useful discussion on this problem in the letter section of the current 
issue of "Diabetic Interview"
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