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[IP] can this POSSIBLY be right?

hi all! i would REALLY appreciate your help on this. my two endocrinologists
are out of the office for this entire holiday week so i don't know who to
i just got my results back from my a1c. i was diagnosed 10 months ago and
had an a1c of 13.2. i went to the local hospital a week ago and had blood
drawn for my second a1c-first one after diagnosis and pumping. well, my
general practictioner just called me with my results which i would REALLY
like to believe, but just can't believe it's right. they said they came back
6.2!!!!! i thought there was a mistake, so i called the hospital directly ,
and asked for the results from my a1c. they said 6.2.
so what i need to know is, am i just getting a "raw" number? i mean, do
doctor's have to translate to maniuplate the result from the blood work, or
is this really the "6.2" of "non-diabetic" levels? i'm looking at the chart
on this page - http://www.diabetes123.com/d_0n_040.htm .
i guess i'm really questioning this because my meter shows lots of higher
numbers, and i record everything in my glucopilot. the lowest adverage i've
had in 10 months is 166- lately it's been around 180-190.
can the meter and a1c's be THAT different?
i would really really appreciate any advice. i feel like i carry my life
around in my pump and glucometer and it would be such a mental relief to
know that i might be getting the hang of this....

thanks so much!
leann marcucci
email @ redacted
dx'd 8/1/00 pumping with "peppie" 9/28/00
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