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Re: [IP] Anti-perspirant -- which brand to use?

> Still trying to get tape to stick (I'm picking up my new Mastisol
> from the pharmacy this afternoon!)...
> Last night I tried spraying on some Sure anti-perspirant as
> suggested by many folks, my CDE's, Minimed.  After I let it dry,
> inserted the set and put the tape over the top, but the tape
> WOULDN'T stick!  I felt around the area and it felt kind of
> "powdery" so I'm sure that unstuck the tape real fast.

Try a dry stick unsented anti-perspirant from any vendor. Let it dry 
well, then prep the area as you would normally adding or removing 
steps according to your specific regimen you use from the list below.

Providine wipe -- let dry
remove execess with alcohol wipe -- let dry
IV- prep -- let dry
under tape of IV3000, Tegaderm, Polyskin, etc...
Infusion Set
Over tape (for bent needles, SofSets, etc...)

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