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Re: [IP] To Female pumpers

As always, YMMV, but as for me, it helps to pinpoint exactly where the pain 
is.  If it's closer toward the back of my body, it's my kidneys.  If it's 
lower and to the side a little, it's cramps.  If it's higher, right below my 
diaphragm, it's my stomach.  If it's lower and below my belly button, it's 
my bowel/intestine area.  Do you have pain or irritation when urinating?  It 
could be a urinary tract infection.  There are OTC tests for those that are 
pretty accurate.  Have you tried anti-gas medication, like gas-x?  Try that 
or pepto if it's lower pain.  I sometimes also get bloating and a stomach 
ache the week before my period, so maybe that's the cause.  Good luck and 
feel better!

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