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[IP] To Female pumpers

Hello to everyone,

I have a question and it may sound silly.   I have had a stomach ache for
about the past week off and on.  First I was wondering if it was just my
period??? My af is due next week.  On the weekend my blood sugars shot
up, for no apparent reason I changed my sites all looks fine.  My last
site is a little sore but no big deal.  I have raised my basal rate
because my sugars were going up to about 15.1.  I am wondering if stomach
aches relate to diabetes complications and if the highs could be related
to my period being due.  I have been on the pump for one cycle but my
levels were not correct last time.  I am seeing my endo on Wednesday so
if no once can help me I will inquire there but in the mean time does
anyone know what could be wrong with me??



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