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[IP] Not FDA

 SNIP>>>>>>>>>>You are right about the fact that it IS an FDA 
thing and would be a LONG process. >>>>>>SNIP

Well, unless the FDA has changed things since my last order in 
March, and unless MM's Marketing VP, Mr. Neal, has new 
information from the FDA, it is NOT AN FDA issue.   MM already 
packages and sells the cannulas separately in the combo pack.   
A nice little plastic and paper package with one (1) cannula in it.  
Mr. Neal told me in an email last year that that they would keep it 
in mind, but the decision involved whether to sell  - 1) Sell 3-1;  2) 
Sell 4-1;   3) Sell 5-1; or sell completely separately.  

Thanks to all those joining us in writing and supporting the efforts 
to MM to sell separately!    Save your tubing and send it in if you 
want the choice.     Prevent the waste and unnecessary costs. 

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