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[IP] Coffee w/ nutrasweet and creamer

SNIP>>>>>I haven't a clue about what happened but need to know 
before it happens again.  Thanks. Whitney<<<<<<SNIP

Hi Wendy, 
Took me 3 years to figure this one out for me and I still am 
surprised sometime. 

I drink coffee, w/ nutrasweet/equal and have a mixture of Walmart's 
Sugar Free non dairy coffee creamer, mixed half and half with 
Carnation Fat Free non dairy coffee creamer. (I buy the bottles 2 
each, dump them in a big ziplock, shake and mix and repour them 
into the containers and take a couple to work.)  My theory is I am 
getting as close as I can to fat free sugar free creamer.   Should be 
19 carbs between them.     HA!

Somebody is fibbing!   

Course I have major dawn phenomenon (MDP) !!!! Fasting I will go 
up 200 points in an hour in the am.   I still get surprised by that.   
But over the years, through fasting and drinking coffee and testing 
and eating yogurt or whatever and testing that between the MDP, 
the creamer and whatever I eat, if I do, I have to bolus 4 upon 
waking, 8 for a cup of yogurt eaten between 6 and 9 AM, and keep 
a sharp eye on testing if I am drinking several cups of coffee.   

I can't really explain it...I just know it is what works for me - is it the 
creamer, the coffee, the MDP, or what?   

My recommendation is that you do some fasting tests, creamer 
drinking tests, just test very often in the AM and maybe in time you 
will find a solution.   

Someone said the other day, don't bolus for dawn phenomenon, 
increase your basals....I may go to that, they are already at 1.7 
from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM, I should try them at 2.3 and see....14 
units divided by 4 hours (if breakfast eaten would be .........5.2 units 
per hour during that time.  Guess I am a little scared to do that.  I 
should keep raising it slowly until I get to the right place.  Just 
haven't taken the time. 

Didn't mean to go on....(course, I always do) but you hit on my 
main reason my bgs are averaged higher, it is those D*@!**  
morning surprises.    Keep testing and figuring, and let me know 
what you come up with....
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