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Re: [IP] protesting waste resources

In a message dated 7/2/01 3:53:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> How many of us have written requesting separate sales?  I know 2 
> only.  But I may have forgotten a few more. 
> Bonnie 

    I am guilty in not writing a letter to anyone but I have called a couple 
of times to complain.  Every time I've put in for a new order I say 
something.  I keep hoping that one day, I'll hear someone say, "Oh, yes, we 
are selling them separately now"  That would be music to my ears because I 
too have many different uses for them... my daughter has turned them into 
leashes for her barbie dogs, she's used them to make silly straws for her and 
her cousins.... they are sterile, right?  She's devised some sort of cool 
watering system for her plants with them.  I've used them for a spur of the 
moment shoe lace!!! A tie for a duffle bag, a 'straw' to suck air out of a 
bag, etc.  However, as many clever ideas one can come up with, the fact is, 
we still pay a LOT for these sets and the biggest part of them isn't getting 
used all that much.  I for one am going to continue to complain until I hear 
something different.
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