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Re: [IP] Reusing tubing with the QuickSets

Linda wrote:
<Any possible chance of inadvertent contamination? Undetected air bubble?
Slight breakdown in material, be it weakened area from use causing problems
with adequate insulin delivery?  Companies advising use of new tubing is a
CYOA, CTA... action too.  Linda>

Hi Linda,

Oh I'm sure there is a possibility of breakdown in material, etc....but
there is that possibility (though more remote) right from the start
(improper manufacturing, etc.). Actually, I change the tubing each time I
change the reservoir--but that's only every 9 days or so. The sites we are
supposed to change every 3 days. That's a 3 to 1 ratio right now of sites to
tubing (though I change my sites every 4-5 days often).

Bonnie's pont, and my point, and (I think) Sylvia's point, is that WE should
be able to buy the sites and tubing separately, because often we will be
changing sites (because they are bad, etc.) without changing tubing. MM
already acknowledges that (since they package 5 sites separately plus 5
site/tubing combos), so I ask, what is the fuss, except for PROFIT? It is
not a medical consideration.

Another analogy....how would we like it if the test strip manufacturers MADE
you buy one lancet for each test strip, and didn't sell the test strips
without the lancets? Ridiculous, you say? Well, we're SUPPOSED to change our
lancets each time, right? So why don't they package them that way? Simple!
It's called COMPETITION. There are lots of test strip manufacturers, and
most of us would simply buy from a test strip company that didn't require us
to buy an equal number of lancets.

Plain and simple, the reason MM hasn't sold the sites and tubings separately
up to now, is that 1) they make a greater profit the way they are doing it
now, and 2) there is little outside pressure (from us, from insurance
companies, or from outside competition) to do otherwise. I truly think we
can change #2 if more of us write and complain (sending in extra tubing will
help make the point). Two or three of us doing it might not make a
difference--but 10 or 20 I think would.

Once again, I like MM overall! But in this area, I think they need to be
more responsive. Plain and simple.

End of soapbox!


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