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Re: [IP] Reusing tubing with the QuickSets


  That is GREAT advice...sending the tubing back to MM.  I will start saving 
it up now. and when I send it I will remind them that the waste of insulin 
alone can become very costly, but that changing out the tubing with each site 
change just is NOT required and such a waste.  And asking insurance companies 
their take on the situation might also be worth our while.  I personally do 
not feel in the slightest that I am taking any kind of risk with my son, 
Joshua, by NOT changing the tubing each time.  Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm 
wrong, who knows.  But for those out there are fixed income and limited 
resources for things like the insulin, all of that waste can really add up 

I'm definately with you Tdd and will start my wad of tubing tomorrow!

mom to Joshua
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