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[IP] Is There Something I Don't Know???

Something happened to me this morning that has never happened and I am 
wondering if I missed something...maybe someone else has had this experience 
and could enlighten me as to what I may not know.  

First of all this was a new experience for me because I always ate breakfast 
with doing injections.  This morning, however, I decided to eat later and 
only had a cup of coffee at 7:30. My 3am glucose was 122, my 7am reading was 
155.  I had coffee at 7:30 with 2 packs of equal and 2 teaspoons Hazelnut 
Cinnamon liquid coffee cream.  That was it!!! According to my carb book there 
was only 5 grams of carb, and the side of the carton said 7 grams CHO and 6 
grams sugar.  That was a grand total of 14 grams CHO.  

At 8:30 when I was ready to eat my reading was 264, I had no explanation for 
it because I bolused what I should for 14 gm CHO.  So I did a High reading 
bolus and put off eating until it came down.  It took 11 additional Humalog 
units and until noon for the reading to come down under 150.  Needless to say 
I didn't have breakfast today and put lunch off until 1pm when readings were 
even lower.

Since I haven't used them before (always used plain powdered creamers) can 
anyone tell me is there something about flavored liquid creamers that I don't 
know???  Is there something that doesn't show in the nutrition panel that 
would affect glucose readings like that.  

I haven't a clue about what happened but need to know before it happens 
again.  Thanks.

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