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[IP] protesting waste resources

Andy said SNIP>>>>....Pumpers, ultimately, don't foot the bills 
and, above all, are reluctant to raise ANY issue, much less one 
concerning expensive infusion sets, with their insurance companies.

I change reservoirs monthly, catheters weekly, and cannulas twice 
a week. I just throw away the tubing, shrug my shoulders, and 
watch the bills get paid. (My "insurance company"--the French 
state--is paying over $30 **each** to a distributor for 42" Sof-set 
Ultimate QR infusion sets!)<<<<SNIP

Actually, Andy I am not a bit reluctant, and Todd and I have 
discussed, and informally agreed go to MM one more time, then 
send the next batch to our insurance agency head and maybe to a 
consumer watchdog.....

The insurance companies are justifed in asking us to pay more, 
both employee and employer, when we have such wastes.  Isn't 
there someone watching out for these kind of wastes?   Besides 
us.  It really hurts me to see plastic usage, energy usage in 
manufacturing, packaging, etc., totally garbaged because MM 
won't sell cannulas and tubing separately.  

Merck and MM already package them separately for the combo 
packs.  MM packaging has to decide whether to sell 2-1, 3-1, 5-1 
or totally separated tubing and cannula. That is what Mr. Neals told 
me .   I want to purchase them totally separated.  I use about 3-4 
canullas to each piece of tubing and reservoir.   My sites go bad 
long before the tubing and reservoir is used up.  So 20-30 
packages of tubing go in the garbage, or in my Protest drawer to 
send back to MM with a letter requesting their help with this 
wasteful problem.   I mean I can only use so much of the old tubing 
for tying up tomatoes and glads, hanging wind chimes, traveling 
clothes lines, tying up the zippers together on the duffle bag when I 
travel ( I defy anyone to break those tubings in a hurry). It is  just 

How many of us have written requesting separate sales?  I know 2 
only.  But I may have forgotten a few more. 
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