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[IP] Inserting sof-set without inserter -- is it possible??

Dontcha love Mondays??  My sof-set came unstuck again this morning,
after running and a shower.  This time I was prepared and had an extra
set at work!  However, my inserter was at home in it's usual place.  I'd
have to do this one myself.

So, I got the new end part all ready (same tubing...another new one for
the pile), scrubbed with the IV prep, pinched a bit of tummy, took a
deep breath and JAB.  Nothing!  Only the very end part of the needle
went in.  I pushed and pushed, no luck!  It wouldn't go past the
cannula!  I decided to give it another try and REALLY jabbed it in.
Still wouldn't go in!  Ok, now I figured the needle was quite dull but
gave it ONE more try anyway; nope.  My tummy wasn't going to let the
cannula go in at less than the 30 mph the inserter must shove it in.

Sigh.  Has this worked for anyone?

Take care,


[DM since 10/86 - pumping MM508 since 5/01]
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