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[IP] ] Re: [IPn] It's always something... don't want to ruffle feathers here

In a message dated 6/30/01 9:10:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The normal budget takes care of regular monthly expenses... electricity, 
> rent, Internet connections, etc. There is nothing in the budget, as Michael 
> explained, to replace major equipment.

Dang that stuff is expensive!!  Is there a way that maybe someone would 
donate stuff like space or equipment if they knew that it's for a non profit 
organization?  Maybe even get a little shaved off the electric bill??  I'm 
just stunned that it costs over $1000 a month for all that.  Of course, I've 
never dealt with anything like that, so I wouldn't know but I'm just curious. 
Has anyone ever approached any of the companies to explain the situation?  
Perhaps they'd help out?  
    Believe me, I'd give you all the money in the world, if I had it!! Too 
bad you're not here in FL, I know there are plenty of organizations out here 
that would LOVE to help out!!  Lots of people with lots of money looking for 
a place to put it so they can use it as a 'write off'.  Whether their 
intentions are good or not, they've got money to burn, so let them!!! LOL
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