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Re: [IP] Re: Night time checks

In a message dated 7/1/01 12:30:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> > GUILTY!!!  I am still sleeping in R's room!  Since 3-30, my
> > husband wonders if I am ever moving back to our room.  Usually I
> > check her at 12 and 3.
> I'm going to play *busybody* here: Even though your dtr. needs you, what 
> about
> 10-15 years from now? Your husband needs you too - you promised *richer or
> poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and health, 'til death (not a DMer
> kid) do us part. 

OK, now I HAVE to step in here.... I'm sorry BUT if I remember correctly, 
Rachel is still little. In 10-15 years, Rachel will be a big girl and NOT 
need Missi the way she does now.  Missi has NOT abandoned her husband, she's 
helping her daughter out.  Give her a break, she's doing the right thing in 
her eyes and like everyone says here...YMMV, right? (geez, I NEVER thought 
I'd use that expression!! LOL) What works or worked for you in your marriage 
may not work for someone else. I'm NOT blasting you for saying what you did 
to her, but don't scold her for helping her child.  You cannot say that her 
husband needs to come first. Right now, Rachel needs to come first ... she's 
small and still relies on her parents to take care of her.  You are right, 
she did say for better or worse AND so did her husband and this may be one of 
the worse times.  They BOTH decided to have a child ... this is now their 
life, being a parent.  You will ALWAYS be a parent no matter how old your 
child is.  If this is what she needs to do for now, so be it.  I say, "More 
power to you!!" Not everyone is willing to do what she is doing for their 
child. I'm sure her husband will survive, he's a big boy.   Missi, Rachel is 
little and needs you, she cannot change her basals on her own, nor can she 
check her own blood in the middle of the night.  When you get everything 
adjusted the way it should be, you will be more comfortable moving back to 
your own room.  I hope everything works out OK and I KNOW your marriage will 
survive this!! It is just one of those things that you as a parent need to do 
for your kid.  IF she was 'normal', you'd not have to go through this, but 
the fact is, she's NOT, she's diabetic and that means she requires more 
care/attention.  You are doing a wonderful thing in my eyes and I commend you 
for your effort!!!
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