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[IP] Site not sticking

Jocelyn, my family has been through the same problems with sites not
sticking.  I
couldn't get anything to stick to my son.  Tape just does not stick to
this child!
He had terrible rashes with mastisol and benzoin.  We have finally had
great luck
with Skin Tac H.  One bottle from medmallonline.com was 10.98$, (6.58$
if you
join their club).  I suspect it will last for more than a year.  First
we prep with alcohol,
then the Skin Tac H let it dry for a minute or two and then put tegaderm
on the Skin Tac H.
 Then insert the site through the tegaderm.  For pool and hot tub we
have been putting the tape
over the edges of the set on top of the tegaderm.  With this combination
we have
had no problems, even with hours in the pool, hot tub and sauna.
I also got a bottle of the UroBond II, it seems to work very well.  It
was quite a bit
more expensive.
If you need any more suggestions feel free to email me.
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