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[IP] 2 yrs pumping, one question

 I hit my 2 yr pumping anniversary last week..and
learned one important lesson..don't change sets at
11pm then go to bed at 1! I woke up so high with large
ketones..it was a rapid but must have had a huge
bubble or something. 
 Anyhow, wow, 2 yrs pumping! My last a1c wasn't great,
but it was/is on the way down which is all that
matters. Even more importantly, I graduated high
school in a great rank and am so looking forward to
college. And, I'm finally backing away from the non
disconnecting rapids for 3 months, and using the
Ultraflex...one question..how much do you prime 0.5 or
 And, saw the opthalmologist..after my "year of fun"
being a diabetic teen is such fun:-) (not) anyhow,
with my not so great control during my senior year, my
eyes are still perfect after 12 yrs of diabetes. Well,
I only had one bad 3 month period, but still. 
 Now, learning to manage carbs at college will be an
experience. Every time Ihad a campus visit my bgs
stayed in the 300s, the food was good, but I guess way
too rich in carbs for my calculations!

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