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Re: [IP] *comparison* survey

In a message dated 7/2/01 10:01:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >>> I know everybody is different but I'm wondering what kind of basals you
> guys are on.  <snip> In reading some of your posts, it seems that my basal 
> is
> a bit high (1-1.1) and I'm just curious.>>>
> Your first 5 words are your answer. If you require the basal you are on - so
> what if someone else's is 0.1, etc. The MM pump can be set for up to 35u - 
> if
> it's needed it's needed. Don't try to make yourself *sicker, better, worse,
> different, odd, insufficient, inadequate* or anything else. You are you and
> what you need is tailor-made. 

I TOTALLY agree with Jan!!! Even on different pumps, my basals are 
different!! When I was on the Htron, my basals were higher than on my Dtron 
now.  Why? I have no clue but that's the way it is.  I've heard many 
different basal rates and I think yours is right in there with a lot of 
others.  You may or may not be insulin resistant, I think a lot of it depends 
on quite a few things.... your body mass, if you are insulin resistant or 
very sensative to insulin, your daily activities, etc.  Myself, I'm quite 
lethargic, ok, lazy!! I'm also very sensative to insulin so I don't have to 
take a lot, however, if I was more active, I could probably drop my rate a 
bit.  So again, I agree with Jan and say not to worry how much you take, if 
it works for you, that's all that matters!!!
Take care, 
Elizabeth and 'Bruno'
Dis Dtron 
pumping since 4/21/01
dx 10/01/81  type 1
Florida.... where it's DANG HOT!!!!
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