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[IP] Re: Bg musings--question

> How would this be different  on pump?  Would I have been able to
> maintain a normal (120 or> Bg),with a small bolus at 9am? Or with more
> basal? (If it wern't already within normal.) Linda

One of the many great things about the pump is that
you don't have to worry about what time you get up
or what time to eat.  All of us should be able to go
18 hours, or more, without eating and with our bg
staying level.  That is best accomplished by doing
occasional fasts and adjusting the basal
appropriately.  When I was on shots, I hated it when
I HAD to eat and didn't have the time or didn't
really feel like it.  I only eat now because I would
starve to death if I didn't, not because it's the
scheduled time.
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