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[IP] Re: forgetting Night Time Checks

From: "Melissa Cahill" <email @ redacted>
The only problem is that when I am in my room I have a tendancy to
sleep through the alarm and miss her nighttime checks!  
You're not the only one who can sleep through a night time check.
We finally got the dual-alarm clock (similar to the one Joy
mentioned) so that I could leave 1 set for 2:30am and 1 for
my wake-up.  Then the other night I forgot to turn the 2:30am
one on - so I slept peacefully on through til morning.  I felt 
that panic like I did the first night each baby slept through. 
I rushed into Luke's room, tested him - thank goodness for the 
5sec results on the Ultra meter - and he was slightly high.  
Guess he knew I needed that night's rest.  Of course now I double-
check both alarms before I go to sleep.

And thanks for all of the people giving parents praise for getting
up to check our kids!  Those of you who take care of yourselves
are our examples for what to teach our children.
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 6-1/2, pumping 3/5/01 (and also to Trevor,
11 & Kate, 8)

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