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[IP] Putting air in reservoir/cartridge for extra insulin [updated]

There was a tip posted a while ago, if the pump runs out of insulin, how to
benefit from the insulin in the tubing, I just would like to update it for
the D-Tron cartridges.

The original tip:

<<<remove the tube from the QR.  unscrew the tubing from the top of the
reservoir. Remove the reservoir from the pump and draw some air back into
it. Reconnect the reservoir to the tubing being careful not to move the
plunger. Place the reservoir back in the pump and put the arms back in
place. prime the pump enough to get some insulin to come out of the end of
the QR. Reconnect the QR.>>>

With the pre-filled cartridges in the D-Tron there is no reservoir to pull
back in, but we can accomplish the same thing by pushing in air (about 20
units) into the cartridges with a regular syringe, (which I will always
carry with me in case of pump malfunction).
Here you will also have to disconnect, remove the adapter, rewind the piston
rod.....  but in the event of an emergency where you don't have a new
cartridge to replace, this tip might come in a little handy.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
email @ redacted
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