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Re: [IP] Reusing tubing with the QuickSets

Todd wrote:
>if they don't start selling them separately, I will go to my insurance 
>company and complain about the amount of $$$ being wasted by this practice.

IMHO, the *only* way to get action on a practice that's profitable for the 
supplier is to address the paying customer. Most of us are not the ultimate 
paying customers--our bills are covered directly or reimbursed by the 
insurance companies. It's those companies, then, that we need to prod to 
address this matter.

After reading through several iterations about this on the IP list, I 
wonder, really, whether there's enough support from pumpers to change the 
packaging of cannulas. Pumpers, ultimately, don't foot the bills and, above 
all, are reluctant to raise ANY issue, much less one concerning expensive 
infusion sets, with their insurance companies.

I change reservoirs monthly, catheters weekly, and cannulas twice a week. I 
just throw away the tubing, shrug my shoulders, and watch the bills get 
paid. (My "insurance company"--the French state--is paying over $30 
**each** to a distributor for 42" Sof-set Ultimate QR infusion sets!)

regards, Andy
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