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Re: [IP] Reusing tubing with the QuickSets

Original post:
<Maybe if enough of us wrote in to MM and complained about this to tell them
how it REALLY is, maybe they will come out with boxes of set ends only!??!

and Deb's response:
<I asked a minimed rep about this (only in regards to sils) this week. She
told me it violates an FDA regulation. She didn't seem to know more about it
than that. DEB>

Deb, Sylvia, and all,

Bonnie and I tried last year to get MM's attention by sending them our
unused tubing in the mail!

We got polite letters back, but there was no mention of any violation of an
FDA regulation. They did say that they were concerned about changing the
sites without the tubing--they raised the question, "if you sell sites and
tubing separately are you promoting good diabetes practices?"

But that logic doesn't hold, since they already sell 10 sites + 5 tubings
(with, ironically, 5 of the sites packaged separately!).

The letter also said, "We will keep you abreast of our research into the
possibility of offering a more convenient way to package our infusion sets."
But (surprise, surprise!) I haven't heard anything in a year.

I suggest that we all do this again (send in unused tubing), asking that
they sell the sites separately. But one other thing I plan to say in my
letter: if they don't start selling them separately, I will go to my
insurance company and complain about the amount of $$$ being wasted by this
practice. Maybe that will get their attention!

The last time we used the address below in our letters to MM.

Mr. Al Mann
Chief Executive Officer
MiniMed Incorporated
12744 San Fernando Road
Sylmar, CA 91342

In my letter back, I got a response from:
Mr. Neal Smith
Disposables and Accessories
MiniMed Incorporated
12744 San Fernando Road
Sylmar, CA 91342

So I suggest that any new letters be addressed to Neal Smith (email
email @ redacted)

Please note: this is not any knock on the MM pump or reps--they have been
fabulous (if I had it to do over again, I'd chose MM again!) But there is no
reason the sites and tubing can't be sold separately, and it would be 1)
more convenient and 2) more economical than the present situation. Even if
our insurance companies are paying most of the cost, that cost is passed on
to us through increased premiums.



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