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From: email @ redacted (Lyndy)
I mean -- the insulin in her cartridge going bad could just a likely be the
reason behind high numbers as a bad site . . . Any thoughts???
From: Earl and Kay Guy <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Animas Pumpers:  Filling a Reg. Syringe from the Cartridge???
My daughter (12) has been pumping with an Animas pump since December and we've
never needed to use a syringe since that time. Why would you need to cary

We've only been pumping just shy of 4 months now (wow, that went fast!), so
congrats to Kay & her daughter for never having an emergency infusion set
change!   From reading this list, that doesn't sound like the usual experience.
 Even though we're on a great, reliable set up now that easily lasts 3+ days,
Luke still leaps around or jumps & gets caught or some weird thing that
occasionally pulls his site, bends his cannula, sends his BG up to 450+ and
necessitates a quick insulin shot followed by a site change.  So we have
insulin stored at day camp and we took it with us (in a cold pack) to Fiesta TX
amusement park.

And Lyndy, it may be that the insulin in the cartridge goes bad, but after 50
changeouts since 3/5/01 pump start, our unexpected ones have all been due to
site problems.  We've yet to have a "bad insulin" issue - except for the
sensitivity to Humalog that seemed to harden Luke's site.  That's very much
YMMV - I'm sure people have issues w/ their insulin, but our experience with it
Humalog & previously R + NPH has been good as long as it's stored well.  

Your advice to practice drawing from the cartridge is good - I'm going to do
that on Luke's next changeout.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6-1/2, pumping 3/5/01 MM508 + QuickSets

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