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    After seeing the digest on how much people test, I laughed because I was
sending my results to my doctor and the nurse who responded told me I was
testing too frequently! Well I couldn't take her advice, I wanted help making
adjustments according to my results, and as a new pumper I thought that was
what they wanted me to do! The other nurses had been very helpful. Well, my
next visit my doc wanted to know who it was that I talked to , she(my doc) was
livid! As a nurse myself I didn't want to get the nurse in any trouble, and
didn't remember her name anyway, but I didn't want her to continue to tell
people who might take her advice!  So, I usually encourage my patients to test
as often as they feel they need to, and aslo give them the minimum, trouble
with some people is they don't know what to do with the numbers, or haven't
been given advice on how to make the adjustments, so they don't see the
benefit. The real purpose is safety, and to see patterns, and adjust as
needed, and with the advice of your practioner if needed. I could not imagine
not being able to test whenever I see the need! When I became diabetic I only
could test urine, and this is so much nicer! I hope some day my numbers will
be more predictable, until then I will test, test , test! So far no
complications after 25 years!
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