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Re: [IP] Bg musings--question

Hi Linda

I can tell you that pumpers don't worry much about "oversleeping." (IMO, 9 
a.m. is not "oversleeping." LOL) When basals are set correctly, you're 
usually in range whenever you get up. YMMV -- depending on what you ate the 
night before. :-) Correcting if you're too high is just a matter of pushing a 

Jan and Elvis

In a message dated 7/1/01 10:29:28 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I am on Lantus, 38U 11:00pm.  Humalog for carbohydrates.
 Over slept this AM.9:00am Bg--156.  Sweats & "ichy" (blah & slight
 nausea) feeling so took 1U Humalog at 10:00am, Bg--137. Felt the inside
 "ah, feel better" feeling 10- 15 min later. 11:am Bg--136. Now I'll fix
 How would this be different  on pump?  Would I have been able to
 maintain a normal (120 or> Bg),with a small bolus at 9am? Or with more
 basal? (If it wern't already within normal.)  >>
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