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[IP] Completely comfortable with my pump!

I have been pumping almost 4 months, and I know now that I am completely
comfortable with my pump.  It's so much a part of me that I took a dive into
the swimming pool with it on yesterday!  It took me less than a minute to
realize that I had forgotten to disconnect.  Boy was I scared!  We dried it
out with a hair dryer, although there really wasn't much water inside the
pump at all!  Then we called Mini Med and the woman there walked us through
a test to verify that everything was ok. She told us that she gets 2 or 3
calls like this a day!  I must say, I am even more impressed with my 508
now.  But I am still looking forward to my upgrade to the Paradigm!

I'm wondering if any of you have made the same mistake, and if you had any
problems with the pump afterwards.  So far, everything appears to be working
ok, and I'm just hoping nothing malfunctions down the road because of my

Thanks...  Heather...  who won't be jumping into the pool without patting
myself down first!  :-)
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