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[IP] 1 year anniversary

Happy July 1st.  Today is the two year anniversary of my son being diagnosed
with diabetes and it is the 4 month anniversary of him being on the pump.  It
really is hard to believe.  I knew we could do it - no one gave us the chance
to say "no thanks", and reading all the posts from all of you has helped me.

Probably the biggest "problems" we face now is still keeping a site in during
these very active summer months.  He does Ok if he's just doing "normal" stuff
like playing basketball, baseball and just general running around - but he
goes beyond that.  Trying to keep a site in your stomach while sliding on a
slip and slide or swimming in a pool "rough-housing" with 10 other boys there
is nothing that will work.  As always the closest we come is using Mastisol,
but he develops a rash from that stuff, even if we use it over an IV3000
patch.  So we change the site often - yesterday twice, but he's OK with that.
Has anyone ever doubled up on the IV3000 patch - maybe that would help?

We need to work on confirming that his basals are correct - and this becomes
more my job.  I have been reading lately about how many of you check during
the night on a regular basis and feeling kind of bad because I do not do this
on a regular basis.  My son NEVER wakes during the night, so he certainly is
not going to check himself.  I check him if he was high or low at bedtime and
needed to correct to be sure whatever corrections he did (bolus or snack) was
appropriate but if he goes to bed with a reading we like, I let him (or should
I say me) sleep.  Maybe this coming week would be a good time to check those
overnight basals.

Thanks again to all of you for all I have learned - I didn't panic with blood
in the canula....  sorry got to go, Brian just got up - and he feels low!

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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