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[IP] Basal rates too low??

To Nee123 regarding your post of whether or not your basals are too low?
IMHO everybody is different, and we cannot say what basal rates are best for
you. Some have already shared their rates with you, some higher, some lower,
but none of that matters! It took a while, for some a few weeks, for others,
myself included, it took months to fine-tune my basal rates. Which is
exactly why you need to test so often, report every high or low between
meals to your endo or CDE or whoever you see for your diabetes. I have also
found that the longer you're on it, the easier it gets to determine if your
rates need a small increase or decrease. But truthfully, each one's body
reacts differently. My highest setting was also at night, till 3AM anyway,
cause that's when my personal body requires more insulin. But, after 3 AM,
it drops to my lowest basal rate, to avoid hypos before rising, so maybe
you're like that too. Only you and your Dr will know for sure! Keep testing
and log everything! It'll settle down.

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