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[IP] Subway Salads

This is funny....I eat Subway salads, Seafood and Crab variety, about 1x
week, and even with 2 pks crackers, my bolus is abour 5.    My bg never goes
high, in fact I have to watch it to see that it doesn't go too low.   But,
Chinese, I always have to nearly double a regular bolus....like bolus 10
units....just for chinese and some big bagels. (Don't eat Pizza)  Course
testing often is the key after onone of these meals.     Isn't that weird???
Hi Bonnie,
Thank you so much for your input.  It's interesting that you bolus double for 
Chinese.  I use the dual for Chinese putting in about 3/4 of the bolus before 
eating and a square wave for the 1/4 for about 1 1/2
hours.  That works for me.  I usually eat a 1/2 of lg. bagel and bolus about 
5.5.  With salad I bolused 5.0 and was still in the 200's in 2 hours.  YMMV 
really does apply here.  Sometimes I tried bolusing 6.0 for salad and went 
very low.  I can't win.         LOL

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