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Re: [IP] Basal rates question

Not necessarily...One would need higher rates at night as we are not
physically active and the hormones in our bodies can "play" a bit more when
we're abed. Most folks I know on the pump are set a bit higher-if not
through the whole night, then through the hours of 3-6am.
   If you haven't been, please start to get up at varying hours of the night
to check thy bg levels and note them into thine log book. You will see if
you are at good levels or slightly lower than you'd like, and can make an
appropriate adjustment if, after three days, you see a pattern...If the bg
levels are good and you don't want to change them, then don't it's just the
way your body's working.

Jenny S.
----- Original Message -----
From: "Carroll, Chris R"
> weigh 200 lbs.  My basal rates are:
> 0000 - 0800 1.0
> 0800 - 1200 0.9
> 1200 - 1600 0.8
> 1600 - 0000 1.0
> It seems odd to me that my nighttime rates are the highest,
Anyone else find this
> odd?

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