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Re: [IP] The way I feel... -- Jim


RoseLea wrote:

> Jim,
> I'm glad that you were able to have all the freedom and flexibility in your
> life that you wanted using a syringe.  A lot of us are just not that
> fortunate.  Besides, with the way things are right now (and I'm having a
> good time), to live like this with a syringe I would have to take about 10
> shots per day.  Don't think even with good control and flexibility I would
> be willing to do that.
> My freedom is still priceless...
> RoseLea

Words are very inadequate to convey the feelings that I try to describe with

I have never been able to have ALL THE FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY IN MY LIFE (with
diabetes) THAT I WANTED!!!!!!  Whether using syringes or the pump....

I don't have the problem (most times) with the mechanics of what I have to do,
it's more the having to think all the time about what I have to do.......

Being able to eat what I want, all I want, when and where I want for me over
the last 15 to 20 years hasn't really been a problem.   The thought process of
"managing" is the same no matter how the insulin is administered.

Ever seen the "emotional devastation" of the pump "not working" for someone
else?  I have - the person acknowledged being at the "end of their rope" during
a diabetes specific art-therapy workshop.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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