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Re: [IP] smelly pumps and insulin

Well, this one is definitely a case of YASMV.  The smell of the insulin 
does not bother me, except when it is "strong" which makes me worry 
that there is leak.  Otherwise I'd prefer the smell of insulin covering up 
the smell of most "whatnot".            ;>)


On 31 Jul 00, at 14:03, Ben Johnson wrote:

> Is anyone bothered as much as I am by that pungent smell that is emitted by
> insulin...?  It's always been a peculiar smell, but since being on the pump, it
> seems that that weird scent is almost always evident and has become more and more
> bothersome... My pump definitely has picked up the smell, and i was wondering if
> anyone had any ideas on how to resolve this problem (which incidentally others
> have commented on... they being unaware of that medical/insulin smell)?  I have
> tried washing it off, as well as "covering it up" with colognes and whatnot :)  if
> anyone has any special trix, i'd love to hear 'em!  btw, i hope this wasn't too
> superficial a post :)  take care all!  ben

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